Naptime Tips For New Parents

Regardless of whether you are a new parent, or if you already have a growing family, one of the most challenging aspects of parenthood is getting a new baby to take a nap. No matter how tired they are, they will often fight naptime with everything they’ve got. Still, there is a sense of satisfaction that comes with finally figuring out your baby’s naptime routine and seeming like a pro when you can swaddle them and get them to go to sleep right away after laying them down.

Now, with that being said, we are going to share some of our favourite naptime tips that will make getting your baby to sleep faster, easier than ever. Let’s get started:

Naptime Tips For New Parents

Don’t Force A Naptime Schedule Too Soon- typically, babies aren’t ready for a regular naptime schedule until they are at least 5 months or 6 months. Don’t try to force a naptime schedule on your baby before they are ready.

Offer Your Toddler A Snack Or Meal Before Nap Time- your toddler burns a lot of calories and they are often quite hungry. Try feeding them a small snack before nap time to prevent them from waking early out of hunger.

Offer Your Baby A Feeding Close To, But Not Right Before, Nap Time- for baby’s feed them close to naptime, but not immediately before, to ensure they don’t have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep as a result of an upset stomach.

Create A Nap Time Routine- just as you would create a bedtime routine, you should also create a naptime routine. It should be short and simple and you should repeat it consistently every day.

Avoid Screen Time Right Before Nap Time- screen time and naptime don’t mix and it should be avoided as it could lead to a much shorter nap.

No Naps Before 8 A.M. Or After 6 P.M- this is a good rule for babies older than 3 or 4 months. Early-morning naps often lead to early-waking habits, and evening naps tend to affect bedtime.

Add Blackout Blinds- sometimes, your baby’s room can be too bright for them to fall asleep. Room darkening blinds will help to simulate nighttime and your baby will fall asleep faster and sleep longer.

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