Tips For Getting More Sleep This Spring

While it might not seem like it in some areas, the weather is getting warmer, and the days are becoming longer. That means that spring is on its way and we get more chances to get outside and enjoy the fresh spring air. Because there are so many exciting things to do in spring, you might start sleeping less and this could be an abrupt change to your schedule. Some people may feel quite drowsy throughout the day as their body struggles to adjust to the new sleep-wake cycle.

If you have problems with sleep quality during spring, here are a few things to do:

Close The Curtains- you will feel awake and alert as soon as the sunlight goes into your room. During spring, this could be earlier and earlier every day. This is against your body’s natural cycle, especially if you haven’t adapted to the longer periods of daylight. As you are adapting to the new season, you need to close the curtain and keep the room dark in the morning. Adding room darkening blinds can make this easier and more effective, especially on those bright spring mornings.

Manage Noise- morning was quiet, dark, and cold during winter. The returning wild birds could chirp loudly outside because the sun rises early. People also spend more time outdoors and cars could be disruptive to sleep quality if your home is near a busy road. Try to anticipate this with sound-proofed windows or by wearing ear plugs when you sleep.

Stay Calm- the longer and brighter days of spring could make you feel more optimistic. After a long, cold winter, you are eager to do more and become more active. However, your body and mind may not agree. Your body could still be in winter-mode, even though you want to do more. If you stay active and feel excited at night, it could be harder to sleep well. It’s a good thing to be physically active, but you need to remain calm, especially at night. Blackout blinds can help with this as they can make your room darker, earlier, allowing your mind to settle down.

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